Prepaidcardstatus is the official website where you can access all the details of your prepaid card and also perform various tasks related to your prepaid card as well. As prepaid cards have gained popularity in recent years, having a platform such as makes it easier for prepaid card buyers and owners to easily view all the details regarding the card and also verify if the card they have is genuine or not.

If you are new to the prepaidcardstatus portal, then you should definitely begin to use it if you own a prepaid card as it can ease a lot of tasks for you. To make it easier for you to understand about the prepaidcardstatus portal, today we are here with a detailed article on the portal and its benefits.

What is a Prepaid Card?

A prepaid card is a card to which you load a sum of money. After loading a prepaid card with money, you can use the card on all supported online websites and offline stores until the money on your card runs out.


Only the money that you spend initially while buying the card will be loaded as a virtual currency into the card. When you run out of money, you then need to recharge your prepaid card by adding more money to it.

From its definition, a prepaid card sounds quite similar to a debit card, right?

Well, No.

The main difference between a prepaid card and a debit card is that a debit card is issued by banks only and in order to get a debit card from a bank, you will need to have an account within the same bank. However, prepaid cards can be issued by any merchant or card issuers like Visa or Mastercard and can be used at any offline or online payment locations where that specific type of prepaid card is supported.

About the

The website is a portal that is specially designed to let prepaid card owners access all the details related to the card and also perform several prepaid card functions online without having to face any hassles.

By logging into the prepaidcardstatus website, you will be able to perform a variety of tasks such as check the remaining balance on your prepaid card, get your queries related to prepaid card answered, view previous transaction history of your prepaid card and print the same, update the information of your prepaid card, and more.

Normally when you will have to perform the tasks that are supported by the website, you will have to visit the store or location from where you bought the prepaid card, which is a hassle by itself. Then you will have to spend a lot of time waiting in a queue or talking to representatives in order to perform any functions related to your prepaid card or get your queries clarified. However, with the website, all the functions related to your personal card can be done within the comforts of your home, and all you need is a device with an internet connection.

How to Perform PrepaidCardStatus Login 

If you wish to perform the homepage login, then below are the steps you need to follow in order to complete PrepaidCardStatus login on any device.

  1. Launch the official and legit PrepaidCardStatus online portal on your web browser. To do the same, click here.
  2. Once the PrepaidCardStatus website loads on your browser, you will be able to see text fields where you need to enter your card details.
  3. In their respective spaces provided, enter the card number that is printed on the front portion of your prepaid card as well as the security code. The security code will be 3 digits in length and will be printed on the backside of your card.
  4. After entering the details as described in the above step, proceed with the PrepaidCardStatus login procedure by clicking on the “Log In” button which is colored blue and placed below the text fields to enter the card number and security code.

If the card number and security code entered by you in the PrepaidCardStatus login page is valid and correct, you should now be given with the access to your prepaid card profile page.

How to Access PrepaidCardStatus Wallet?

The PrepaidCardStatus wallet is the official e-wallet of the website. The benefit of having an e-wallet along with the prepaid card that you own is that you will then be able to make payments on online sources where the PrepaidCardStatus e-wallet is supported.

If you already have a PrepaidCardStatus wallet, then below are the steps to gain access to the same online.

  1. Launch on your preferred browser.
  2. Once the website loads completely, you will be able to see a text that says “Have a Wallet?”. Click on this text.
  3. Now a new login form will appear on the same page. Within this page, you need to enter the username and password associated with your PrepaidCardStatus wallet.
  4. Enter the details in the respective text fields that are placed on the web page and then click on “Log In”.

And that’s how you can gain complete access to your PrepaidCardStatus wallet on a web browser.

How to Check PrepaidCardStatus Balance 

As we mentioned at the very beginning of this article, only the amount that you pay while buying the card initially will be loaded as the maximum limit of the prepaid card you own. When you exhaust all the limit that is available on the card, you then have to recharge the card by adding more money.

In order to recharge your money promptly, it is important that you check prepaidcardstatus balance regularly to know when the card runs out of money. In order to easily check the prepaidcardstatus balance of your card online, all you need to do is to perform the login procedure.

Once you login to your PrepaidCardStatus profile, you then will be able to see the balance amount that is present on your card readily within your profile information.

How to Activate A Prepaid Card 

Some prepaid card issuers will require you to activate the prepaid card before being able to use the card for purchases. If you wish to perform the activate card process, then below are the steps to follow.

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Enter the card number and the security number printed on your card within the text fields displayed onscreen.
  3. To complete the activate card procedures, click on the “Log In” button.

Viola! You have now successfully finished the activate card procedure. You can now use the prepaid card you own to make purchases on any supported offline or online store.